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Relaxing Candles

Exclusive Services

Massage & Body Treatments

Whether you're searching for a luxury spa treatment
a one-of-a-kind energetic experience, or just a "good ol' massage," our licensed massage therapist has your back. 

Massage Hours: 

Sunday & Monday - closed

Tuesday through Saturday - 9am to 7pm

relaxation massage

Luxury Spa

A blend of classic Swedish strokes, Ayurvedic techniques, and hot towels helps to relax body and mind. This light to medium pressure massage features anti-inflammatory arnica and circulation stimulating ivy in a rich body butter.

50 min $80 / 65 min $100 / 80 min $120

Prenatal massage

Image by Chris Ensey

During pregnancy, rapid changes in the body are a part of the journey. Whether you have a blissful pregnancy glow or need gentle, targeted relief for achy muscles, a prenatal massage is the perfect way to recharge and prepare for Baby's arrival.

50 min $85 / 65 min $110 / 80 min $135

energy work & chakra balancing

Assorted Crystals

This massage incorporates the classic Ayurvedic principles of balancing mind, body, and spirit. An oil massage utilizes friction and rocking to help relieve tension and remove blockages in the body, then energy points are stimulated to nurture a feeling of connectedness. Finally, a chakra balancing imparts a sense of calm and deep peace.

50 min $90 / 65 min $115 / 80 min $140

Therapeutic massage

Back Massage

Firm pressure, range of motion stretching, trigger point therapy, and specialized oils help alleviate chronic pain. This treatment utilizes Biotone Muscle & Joint Relief Therapeutic Massage Cream with Glucosamine for joint pain relief and Boswellia and Devil's Claw to reduce inflammation. 

50 min $90 / 65 min $120 / 80 min $150

lymphatic massage

Aromatherapy Oil

Light pressure and specialized techniques help to stimulate the lymphatic system, encouraging return flow, which reduces swelling (edema) and promotes system-wide detoxification. 

*Please note, we do not provide lymphatic drainage of ports.

50 min $85 / 65 min $110 / 80 min $135

Massage Enhancements

- Hot Stones

      (one area)                                      $10

      (full body)                                     $20

- Nourishing Scalp Treatment        $25

- Body Cupping

       (per area)                                      $10

- Sugar Scrub

      (back or feet)                                $15

      (back and feet)                             $20

- Sugar Glow                                       

   full body scrub with lotion application

      -50 minutes-                                 $80

Body Treatments & Wraps

Image by Daraspong Chomkwan

The Daydreamer

This deeply relaxing treatment begins with a full body massage designed to relax your nervous system. Next you'll be tucked into a warm wrap of cozy blankets while your therapist gently massages your face, neck, and scalp. Finally, a foot scrub and foot massage with hot stones gently return you to the waking world.

80min                         $150

The Downtowner

Complete revitalization for dry skin! This treatment begins with a full body dry brushing to gently buff away dry patches and prepare the skin for deeper exfoliation. Next indulge in a head-to-toe sugar glow utilizing your choice of our decadent body polish enhanced with lactic acid. Following a refreshing shower, a full body application of body butter replenishes and rehydrates your skin to a radiant glow.

80min                         $150

Coming soon...

Exciting changes are coming! Essentials is vey pleased to introduce our newest luxury product line: Pure Fiji. With organic ingredients and decadent scents, Pure Fiji has painstakingly crafted lotions, oils, and scrubs that benefit your skin while helping your mind sail away on mental holiday. 

We can't wait to unveil the newest body treatments from Pure Fiji! Please check back soon.

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